Autodarts Vision


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Autodarts Vision
  • High precision dart detection
  • Easy to set up
  • Works on Windows, Mac & Linux

Experience the future of darts with Autodarts - the free automatic dart scoring system. We are pleased to introduce the Autodarts Vision Kit, a modding kit for your LED ring. Simply replace the feet of your LED ring with our camera mounts, install the software, and you are ready to go.

The Software

Online gameplay

  • Play against users from around the world
  • Various game modes (X01, Cricket, Bermuda and more)
  • Darts statistics per game, including dart coordinates to analyze your training progress
  • Watch your favorite players live

Automatic scoring

  • High accuracy (99%+), focus on your play, no need to count yourself
  • Live image of opponent's board (no cheating possible)
  • Works with most cameras, all standard dart boards, and all surrounds

Tournaments & Leagues

  • Show your skills in exclusive Autodarts tournaments and win prizes
  • Improve your game by playing in regular leagues
  • Challenge your friends in local tournaments

And... Best of all. It’s FREE!

No hidden costs. Make it your own, customize it, enjoy it.

The Hardware

What do I get?

  • Three high precision cameras optimized for Autodarts
  • Three steady camera mounts (no moveable heads!)
  • Compatible with most LED lighting solutions
  • All necessary parts to easily assemble your Autodarts Vision

What else do I need?

  • A dartboard (obviously!)
  • A minimal-shadow lighting solution (e.g., 360 degree LED ring)
  • A computer (laptop, Raspberry Pi, or similar)
  • All operating systems are supported: Windows, macOS, Linux