Autodarts Vision

Automatic dart scoring for everyone

About this kit

The Autodarts Vision kit is a fully optimized and ready-to-use set for playing Autodarts. After installing the set around your board it's easy to set up and use with the Autodarts Desktop or Client software. Get yours now and start playing darts online with automatic counting!

What you get

  • 3x plastic camera arm
  • 3x high quality camera
  • 3x camera usb cable
  • 1x usb splitting cable
  • 1x Hex tool size 3mm
  • 1x Hex tool size 2.5mm
  • 6x Hexagon bolt
  • 4x Square bolt
  • 6x M4 screw
  • 4x M3 screw
  • 3x Wall screw
  • 3x Wall plug
  • 6x Support pin
  • * A little surprise!

What else do I need?

  • A dartboard (obviously!)
  • A minimal-shadow lighting solution (e.g., 360 degree LED ring)
  • A computer (laptop, Raspberry Pi, or similar)
  • All operating systems are supported: Windows, macOS, Linux